maintenance & renovation service

hope offers a maintenance and renovation service for all our products, should you simply need annual care, or if they have suffered neglect, or are aged.
please provide photographs for us to assess the maintenance or renovation required. we will quote you accordingly, but the items will be further assessed when we receive them and the quote adjusted if necessary before initiation of any work.

maintenance service

NOTE: we will not undertake maintenance or renovation on products, other than our own.

maintenance is what we regard as the ongoing nurturing of the furniture to prolong its life.
it is a process we actively try and encourage you as the purchaser to undertake.
if however the extent of the work is too great and you would like our expertise we will quote to under take the work required.
NOTE all maintenance products are available from our showroom or online.

on site maintenance

should the job be large enough our maintenance team can undertake work at your premises.

1.) quotations are subject to change upon closer inspection of the furniture or any change in the process. an on-site visit can be arranged prior to work undertaken. (a call out fee may apply.)
2.) quotes are subject to the maintenance being carried out on site with access to water. should the furniture need to be taken to another area the establishment must arrange this.
3.) any repairs that cannot be undertaken on site will be quoted accordingly.
4.) on site work can not be undertaken on oiled, painted or varnished furniture. (we do not varnish wood)

before and after

maintenance process

  • oil all articulating joints on chairs
  • scrub timber with PRONATURE plant soap
  • scour and wax rust frames / scour galvanised frames
  • repaint painted frames and / or slats
  • NOTE: salt deposits that form on galvanised frames at the sea are difficult to remove.
  • we will advise further on inspection of the items.


this service is usually only necessary after long periods of neglect and is a comprehensive overhaul of the product to renew it completely. this work can only be undertaken at our factory.

renovation process

  • remove all wooden component from frame.
  • sandblast the metal frame if necessary (painted and galvanised frames with severe accumulation of salt deposit)
  • repair broken rivets and realign bent fatigued components.
  • replace all wooden components according to customers specification.
  • reassembling with brass or stainless steel fittings.


  • we cannot paint or galvanise frames that have the rust finish.
  • painted frames are best re-painted.
  • re-galvanising of existing galvanised frames is possible, but expensive, therefore it is not a process we recommend.

replacement slats

replacement slats and screws for all products are available for those customers who are equipped and confident enough to undertake this relatively simple process.

the following care products are recommended to purchase with your order.

PRONATURE PLANT SOAP – oil and potassium rich soap for natural timber.

BELLINZONI STONE POLISH – aerosol -multi purpose cleaner, sealer for stone

Bellizoni Spray Polish

PRONATURE OUTDOOR OIL – linseed based oil preservative – for oiled timber

SCOTCH BRITE SCOURERS – nylon scouring pads – for steel, wood and stone.

Sctochbrite pads

PRONATURE WAX – all purpose wax – for rusted metal frames.