oly stool


sitting…. and where it all starts – the stool.

the stool is an exercise in apparent simplicity and visual asymmetry.
it provides economical seating for homes and cafes and doubles up as a side table.
the oly stool is the hub of the 3 range and gives impetus to the products that follow.

the characteristic single leg is mimicked in the complex curves of the double leg.
the legs are riveted together at the base and welded to a hoop to which the 3 part wooden seat is attached.

availability 2-3 weeks

ref ah1001
seat thickness 22
overall height 435
seat area ø360
base area ø420
approx weight5 5 kg

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timber surface

outdoors – massaranduba

massaranduba new / weathered

indoors / covered areas – ash

ash sealed

-a tropical wood sustainably forested in South America.
-extremely robust and dense timber commonly used in exterior timber construction.
-a hard-wearing timber that maintains its surface texture with age
-it has a natural deep rich, red colour, which eventually fades to a desirable patinated grey with time.

-a sustainably grown timber from North America and Europe, renowned for its strength and flexibility.
-ash is an open grain wood,
-surfaces are sealed with water based sealant
only suitable for indoors
more information on these finishes can be found here

please note: configuration of planks will vary according to timber availability.

metal frame

powder coated



metal components are hot dip galvanised and powder coated with a sandpaper texture, in a selection of 4 colours, black, red yellow and grey. olive is available as a smooth texture. 
metal components are hot dip galvanised, but unpainted. they are bright and silver when new, but soon assume a soft lead grey colour as they age. this finish is recommended for furniture in close proximity to the sea.