at spes non fracta

at spes non fracta ‘…. latin for ‘ but my hope remains unbroken‘ … taken from the hope family motto.

all items made by hope are made as well as possible to reflect this motto.
more than 20 years of the dedicated pursuit of manufacturing our products to the same quality and characteristics of the original samples have become the hallmark of our company name.
the inclusion of the natural characteristic marks in timber and stone during the selection stages is part of the process of manufacturing from natural materials and adds a subtle nuance to our products.
we believe that purchase of our products is a long term investment in carefully made functional pieces of furniture for future generations to enjoy.
part of this investment is the following of the advised maintenance schedule in this document.
long periods of neglect will compromise the life span and result in the furniture requiring special attention.

hope will undertake to replace or repair, at its own cost, in the first year of ownership.

1. indications of defective workmanship and materials.
2. items not withstanding normal use. i.e. sitting on our chairs, at our tables.

hope will NOT undertake replacement or repair at its own cost if:

1. the recommended finishes for the appropriate situation are not observed at time of purchase.
2. on inspection the proposed maintenance schedule is determined to have not been followed.
3. items are deemed damaged in circumstances other than within normal and expected use.
please contact us should you a query with regards the above.