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metal finishes


frames have been left to oxidise (rust) naturally to create an authentic aged appearance.

they are treated with PRONATURE WAX to prevent loose rust brush off on clothing.




the frame has undergone a process of hot dip galvanising and is considered the most “maintenance free” finish.

the zinc rich application of the galvanizing process can prevent corrosion for approx. 20 – 25 years, depending on the proximity to the sea.

the initial bright silver colour is temporary – the zinc will oxidise and result in a matt lead – grey finish.

furniture in close proximity to the sea will show formation of powdery white crystals as the zinc oxidises.



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metal frames are galvanized, washed, primed with etch primer and hand painted with an oil based enamel paint – plascon velvaglo.

due to the folding facilities of the chair various components come into contact with one another and paint deterioration is unavoidable in these areas.

fine hairline cracks can develop in the painted surface and ’white rust’ can start to form as moisture ingresses and comes into contact with the zinc rich, galvanized substrate.

touch up or re-painting can easily be managed from home with an experienced painter.

enamel paint will offer several seasons of service before repainting might be considered necessary.

NOTE: the performance of various finishes will differ according to the climate that the furniture is exposed to.

folding metal frames

all chairs, benches and recliners are designed to fold. this enables them to be stored when periods of seasonal / inclement weather prevent their daily use.

on delivery you will find the folding facility on the chairs quite stiff. this is due to the process of riveting the components together during assembly. they will loosen with time and use and will eventually need tightening.

maintenance – folding mechanisms

oiling 4 x a year (seasonally)

regular oiling is recommended on ALL finishes.
•use a lubricating oil (like 3-in-one) on all the articulating rivet points.
•gently fold and unfold the product to remind it of this characteristic.
•if you have neglected to oil and fold the product for a long period, apply oil and allow to stand for a few hours before attempting to fold it.

NOTE : failure to oil the articulating joints will impede the folding mechanism.
do not attempt to fold any products that have not been folded for a long period.
force folding the product will result in distortion of the metal frame and breakage.

metal table surfaces

these are made with electro-galvanised sheet metal.
hand painted with 2 coats of an oil based enamel paint or powder coated.
be aware that metal table surfaces are prone to scratching and chipping especially in commercial use.
the table surface is vulnerable to corrosion if the paint is damaged, especially on the table edge.

maintenance – table surfaces

painting / when damaged

  • scour the surface firmly with the scotch brite scourers or sandpaper to remove any corrosion and to flatten deep paint damage.
  • wipe the surface clean with a cloth. if areas of bare metal are exposed, prime these with an etch primer.
  • apply 1 or 2 coats of a non-drip enamel paint (plascon velvaglo) with a soft sponge roller to the whole surface.

NOTE do not attempt to repair powder coated finishes

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