oly kitchen stool


3 finds its place in the heart of the home.
providing a safe purchase at the counter for the 1st coffee of the day, the kitchen stool is a natural (and higher) evolution of the oly stool.

the design resorts to 4 legs for greater stability and the footrest is defined by the incomplete conical hoop that binds them. 

availability 2-3 weeks

ref ah2001
seat thickness 30
overall height 600
seat area ø360
base area ø520
approx weight 6.5 kg

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timber surface

timber surface

outdoors – jarrah

jarrah new weathered

indoors / covered areas – ash

ash sealed

-the surface is made with separate slats
-an FCS forested Australian timber which is a highly regarded hard wood, renowned for its use in extreme outdoor conditions.
-extremely stable and naturally resistant to boring insects.
-dark reddish brown to light brown and pink in colour
-jarrah will assume a silver grey colour similar to that of teak in approx. 12 months, when left untreated and exposed to the elements.

-the surface is made with joined slats
-a sustainably grown timber from North America and Europe, renowned for its strength and flexibility.
-ash is an open grain wood, unsuitable for outdoors
-surfaces are sealed with water based sealant

optional oiled please order oiled timber by filling in our request a quote form or download our price list.

more information on these finishes can be found here

please note: configuration of planks will vary according to timber availability.

metal frame

metal frame

powder coated


metal components are hot dip galvanised and powder coated with a sandpaper texture, in a selection of 4 colours.
metal components are hot dip galvanised, but unpainted. they are bright and silver when new, but soon assume a soft lead grey colour as they age. this finish is recommended for furniture in close proximity to the sea.