3 plus three

The steadily growing appeal of 3, our contemporary line of outdoor furniture, has led to the inevitable addition of new ‘threes’.

Sharing the same design DNA, a taller version of the oly tables, the oly kitchen table, now join in the party and provide the oly kitchen stools with a place to hangout and shake your martinis dry. 

Hot off the forge is the low slung oly coffee table – sturdy simple and robust, available in 2 different sizes they provide surface areas for laid back seating arrangements.

Seen here loitering with intent is its inseparable and equally low companion in arms, the origami chair. This new seat is our take and remake of an unsung mid century design of Japanese origin with strong Scandinavian overtones that quite possibly everyone’s architect from the 60’s will remember having. 

At home, outside on the terrace, yet sophisticated enough to fold and bring indoors to the living room – the origami is truly a versatile and visually interesting chair, offering an extraordinary level of comfort that will have most deck chairs arranging early retirement.     

Made from 304 grade stainless steel tubing it is available in 3 subdued colours (sand, grey and olive) of robust poly cotton canvas, stitched by a local master saddle maker. There is a choice of oiled ash or natural jarrah cylindrical wooden arms.

3 is a body of original work from the hope forge , a collection of functional furniture for contemporary living that utilises and sustains traditional artisanal skills.

3 is a dedication to the magic and mathematics of the proportions of 3  – their characteristic lines strive always to embody the Alvar Aalto credo  ‘beauty is the harmony of purpose and form’

3, we believe offers hope for the future.