3 is… hope for the next generation
after 25 years of manufacturing a range of early 20th century garden furniture, hope has introduced ‘3’ – a line of contemporary outdoor furniture to compliment the traditional stalwarts we are renown for.

designed by adrian hope, 3, recently revised and refined, seeks to realize a modern aesthetic of design using traditional artisanal skills. the inclusion of forged features gives the new furniture an unmistakable link to its ‘smithed’ relations in the traditional range.
influenced by mid-century functional design, 3 strives to embody the finnish mid century architect alvar aalto’s adage –
beauty is the harmony of purpose and form
the products display apparent constructional detail with a decidedly lean scandinavian character. they are quiet and purposeful, the proportions humanly considered.

in a subtle display of engineering ingenuity the realization of the compound curves in the metal frame, (a feature shared by all items) elevate the deceptively simple designs to a sculptural quality. the asymmetrical stance of the stool and round tables create an unusual visual tension that elicits a second (or is it a 3rd?) look.

3 is intended to furnish the outdoor areas of homes, apartments and terraces with limited space, the seating components, when not in use can be nested under the tables.

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