trestle table


the trestle table is a 3 part table that can be dismantled for storage. it consists of a pair of forged trestle legs of riveted heavy flat section steel, braced laterally by a substantial round bar section. the trestle table surface is made of wide planks, cleated on the underside and has 4 steel brackets on the sides to locate the legs and hold it in place.

a good companion to the trestle bench

availability – 3-4 weeks

ref l x w thickness height seats timber
8080 1800×780 22 725 6 jarrah
8081 2100×780 22 725 6 jarrah
8082 2100×780 32 725 6 jarrah/massaranduba
8083 2400×780 32 725 8 jarrah/massaranduba
8084 2400×980 32 725 8 jarrah/massaranduba
8085 *3000×780 32 725 8/10 jarrah/massaranduba
8086 *3000×980 32 725 10/12 jarrah/massaranduba

*subject to availability

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metal frame

metal frame



metal components are acid-dipped and left to oxidise (rust).
they are brushed down and coated with a waxsealer to prevent brush off marks.
NOTE: this finish will leave rust marks on paving and is not recommended for coastal situations.

metal components are hot dip galvanised, but unpainted.
they are bright and silver when new, but soon assume a soft lead grey colour as they age.
this finish is recommended for furniture in close proximity to the sea.

optional finishes

-also available with painted frame

-not available to buy online. please order by filling in our request a quote form.

-more information on these finishes can be found here.

table surface

table surface

massaranduba natural

massaranduba new/weathered

-a tropical wood sustainably forested in South America.
-extremely robust, commonly used in exterior timber construction.
-a dense and hard species which is hard-wearing with a surface texture that finishes well to a deep rich colour.
-the wood resists colour change but will eventually fade to grey.
=this timber is extremely clear with no signs of resin pockets

optional table surfaces

massaranduba oiled

suitable for indoors and covered areas only.  read more  here.


sandstone and limestone.
subject to availability. read more here.

not available to buy online. please order by filling in our request a quote form.