topiary frames



perfect for climbing plants or as an architectural feature in a garden, the sphere consists of a series of 4 rolled steel hoops riveted together.
it has 3 spiked legs to locate into the ground or in the planter box. (ref 9094)


the ‘pointed pillar’. the obelisks are available in two sizes with the medium (ref 9093) one fitting into our planter box. (ref 9094). both sizes are ideal as plant trellises.

4 sided steel framework of rivetted crossbraces, forming a tapering column with a pyramidal top.
it has 4 spiked legs that locate into the ground.

availability 1 week

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ref  size weight
9092 sphere  ø550 6kg
9093 obelisk  1600x425x425 15kg
9096 obelisk  2200x530x500  20kg