After 27 years of manufacturing a range of early 20th century garden furniture, hope has slowly experimented and evolved ‘3’– a line of contemporary furniture that compliments the traditionally forged stalwarts we are renown for.

Designed by Adrian Hope and tooled for production by David Timothy, 3 is a small growing body of original work, a collection of functional furniture for contemporary living that utilises and sustains traditional artisanal skills.

It explores a family connection with Celtic traditional design from the arts and craft era on the island of Iona. The soul of the collection lies in the geometry of the triquetra – from Latin, feminine of triquetrus ‘three-cornered’, a symmetrical triangular ornament of three interlaced arcs dating back to the 16th century used on Celtic metalwork and stone crosses that has its origins in nature.

Strongly influenced by functional mid-century Scandinavian design, 3 strives to embody the Finnish mid century architect Alvar Aalto’s adage –
 “beauty is the harmony of purpose and form ”

The products of considered proportions, display a noticeably lean Nordic character, they are quiet, still and purposeful.In a subtle display of engineering ingenuity, the realisation of the compound curves elevate the deceptively simple designs to a sculptural form.

The asymmetrical stance of the OLY stool and tables create an unusual visual tension that invites a third glance. The apparent constructional detail and characteristic forged features gives them an unmistakable link to their ‘smithed’ relations in the traditional range.

Like all hope products the steel is locally part forged, pressed and welded, then surfaced with jointed and selected hardwoods by dedicated artisans at our factory – simple, robust and made to last. 

Intended for both indoor and outdoor areas of cafes and apartments, suitable for homes and terraces with limited space, the seating, when unused nestles under the tables.

The collection has been growing slowly and currently consists of – a trinity of stools at three different heights – two solid symmetrical benches, one leaner one longer, three different tables – round, ‘squarish’ and softly rectangular and yes, there is (still) a chair struggling to birth …