Outside in 

Frankly it’s not commonplace nor garden for that matter, to find a chair that’s at home, inside and out.

The origami chair – ‘our take and remake’ of a mid-century design of Japanese origin and a recent addition to our contemporary line of outdoor furniture, does, just that … and comfortably too. 

Whether its sitting lightly outside on the deck of your weekend retreat or nestled deep in the carpeted floor of your apartment. You will find that its unusual and elegant minimalistic form and its surprising ergonomic comfort will invite you to sink into it … almost everywhere. 

Perched outside on a wooden deck, lounging beside the pool, or sitting (without sinking) on your lawn to read, its simple lightweight folding form allows you to easily move it around with the sun – At the end of the day, fold it up and bring it into your living room, where with the addition of a loose sheepskin and warm rug,,you can slide it up close to the fire and finish another chapter. 

The origami chair is a simple versatile seat that exemplifies the qualities we strive for in the furniture we make at HOPE – authentic, durable , functional and beautiful. 

The lightweight tubular frame is made from 304 grade stainless steel and the waxed poly cotton canvas, seat, double stitched by a local master saddle maker, is available in 3 neutral subdued colours, sand, grey and olive. There is a choice of oiled beech or natural jarrah cylindrical wooden arms. 

When not in use a purpose made toggle device holds the chair in a folded standing stance to facilitate economic storage. 

origami…. unfold one… anywhere.