On site maintenance

During winter we encourage customers to take up our maintenance service which we now offer as an on site service to both trade and residential customers within Cape Town and surrounds. (About 50km radius from our factory in Blackheath.)

The maintenance process

Timber surfaces

-All wooden surfaces scrubbed with pronature plant soap. 
-Surfaces rinsed and dry scrubbed with scotch brite scourers. 
-All fastening screws checked and fastened.

Before and after scrubbing karri timber slats.

Metal frames

-Oiling of articulating joints. 
-Cleaning and waxing of rust frames. 
-Rivets tightened (replacement is an additional costs.)

Stone tables

Stone tables can be cleaned with a high pressure hose and sealed.

Painted surfaces

We offer a maintenance service on all painted items, however this is not included in our onsite maintenance. Contact us if you have products that need to be re-painted.


hope Also offers a renovation service for products needing replacement slats or planks. All slats on chairs can be replaced, for a complete make over, or only broken slats can be replaced. These can be ordered online

Alternatively if you have broken products then this will be a good time for us to collect, quote and repair. You can also arrange to drop off at our factory.


We encourage you to regularly maintain your furniture for longevity. Maintenance products can be ordered online here.

All maintenance and materials info can also be found on our info and care pages.

Our care products have been chosen with you and the environment in consideration. They can be used without the need for specialised equipment or protective measures. These products can be purchased in larger quantities from the hope showroom, online and from selected hardware stores.