our traditional collection is based on a collection of original pieces from the turn of the 20th century, made in the traditional method from timber, stone and iron.

about this range

research shows surprisingly little information about the history of these original designs. and we have not yet found it possible to directly credit anyone for them.
this genre of metal furniture is said to be, “definitely french” and also… “actually, belgian”. yet, one of our original pieces proclaims, on a brass label, wands pty ltd, manufactured in england. images of this genre of furniture appear in the london parks of st james and kew gardens and they also appear regularly in family photographs from all over europe and scandinavia in the early 1900’s.

it seems that this simple, yet sophisticated, product of engineering skill was just the common or garden plastic chair of the past, made in an era where fabrication of iron or steel products was at its zenith. some of the designs have earned a classic status, they have weathered the fickle path of fashion and hold a place next to the more renown and iconic furniture designs of the last century.

note only certain products, with galvanised or rust frame and natural timber are available to buy online. all the other finishes or table surfaces can be ordered through our request a quote form.