pronature plant soap- 1 L


recommended for NATURAL/WEATHERED timber finish

timber surfaces have been treated with PRONATURE PLANT SOAP – a hand friendly saponified formula of linseed oil and potassium.
the natural colour of the new wood will gradually mellow to an attractive silver-grey ONLY if fully exposed to the weather.
characteristic hairline cracks will develop on the surface and especially on the end grain as the timber ages.

NOTE: a regular application of dilute PRONATURE PLANT SOAP will create a seal which will help prevent marking from foods.

  • on receiving your new order make a dilute solution with parts water – spray or brush on and wipe off.
  • this process should be repeated at frequent intervals.


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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 26 cm

maintenance tips

  • maintenance – 4 x a year (seasonally)
  • wet the wood and use the scotch brite pads firmly in the direction of the grain to remove the dead grey surface.
  • wash off the dirt and loose residue that results with clean water.
  • apply the PRONATURE PLANT SOAP diluted with 20 parts water by brush over the entire surface and leave to penetrate for 5 min.
  • this will allow the oils in this product to permeate and nourish the wood and will neutralize the bio-life forming in the cracks.
  • rinse with clean water.
  • wooden surfaces will gradually fade to grey colour again.