nan table square


2 flat steel double leg components are joined on the diagonal with a rivet.
the legs are braced diagonally with intersecting flat steel sections under the table
the legs are welded to an angle iron frame to which the wooden surface is attached .
the base creates 4 nesting places for the stools under the table when not in use.

please note: configuration of planks will vary according to timber availability.

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length 800
width 800
thickness 22
height 720

metal frame

mild steel

metal components are hot dip galvanised, but unpainted.
they are bright and silver when new, but soon assume a soft lead grey colour as they age. they will show traces of white rust as the zinc oxidises. this finish is recommended for furniture in close proximity to the sea.



metal components are acid-dipped and left to oxidise (rust).
they are brushed down and coated with a wax sealer to prevent brush off marks. this finish will leave rust marks on paving and is not recommended for coastal situations.


timber surface

sustainably forested timber


jarrah – 22mm

an australian timber which is a highly regarded hard wood, renown for its use in extreme conditions outside.
extremely stable and naturally resistant to boring insects.
dark reddish brown to light brown and pink in colour
it will assume a silver grey colour similar to that of teak in approx. 18 months, when left untreated and exposed to the elements.

jarrah new / weathered


larches are conifers in the genus Larix, of the family Pinaceae (subfamily Laricoideae).a species of conifer from sustainable forests growing in the extremley cold conditions of siberia. larch is an aromatic, slightly resinous timber it has  light, honey colour.
left untreated and exposed outside it weathers to a soft silver grey.
as the timber ages with use and cleaning, the hard grain forms a pleasant and subtle texture. 
it is use extensively for outdoor applications in the northern hemisphere
in the southern hemisphere with extreme heat we recommend it for either indoor or sheltered outdoor situations  



jarrah oiled

larch – 22mm

covered areas only

natural or oiled