bellinzoni spray polish


stone surfaces are treated with a silicone sealant to help prevent stains, it is necessary to maintain the stone with a regular application of the sealant provided.
unsealed stone will acquire marks from spillage but these will fade with exposure to the weather and the cleaning process will soften them as the subtrate takes on a patina of time and a history of long remembered meals


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 21 cm

maintenance tips


maintenance – 3 important steps


  • wipe up spillages promptly – always clean the table surface after meals with a damp cloth.
  • wash the stone often with WATER OR very dilute PRONATURE PLANT SOAP
    DO NOT use harsh scouring cleaning material and strong detergents – they will compromise the life of the seal
  • apply BELLINZONI SPRAY POLISH sparingly but regularly with a soft cloth.

frequency of application

(domestic -1 x 6 month / commercial 1 x 1 month)
NOTE stone will benefit greatly from regular (weekly) spraying with the garden hose. this eliminates fine deposits of dirt that accumulate in the ‘micro- geography’ of the stone. wetting the stone helps to determine whether the seal is intact.

if colour of stone remains unchanged and the water pearls in droplets on the surface = well sealed surface. if the stone darkens, absorbing the water = seal is compromised and starting to deteriorate. dry and apply stone sealer