Hazendal Wine Estate

To call Hazendal a Wine Estate would be disingenuous. How does one encapsulate a 300 year old wine farm with a futuristic children’s edutaintment centre and a Russian tea garden thrown in? What if we add a Family MTB park, a Russian Art Gallery and an organic vegetable garden? I’m trying to avoid the cliche – something for everyone, (perhaps not the family hermit) but I have capitulated.

With four different venues serving meals, including Babushka picnics, and a wine lounge, the word satiated will pop up in your vocabulary. It is not only in the restaurants that you will encounter Russian flavours, but also in the estate’s Marvel Gallery which “offers audiences a window into the richness of Russian culture through its religious icons, paintings and historical ties to South Africa.”

This historic wine farm has had new life injected into it by Mike Hackner Architects, who have contributed distinctly modern buildings which mimic the scale and style of the existing structures, some of which are 300 years old.

Hazendal also ticks all the boxes for sustainability and social upliftment, with polices that see to the care of the earth and its people. A heads up to them for showing the way as well as choosing the best outdoor furniture!