available on chair slats and table tops

untreated timber is scrubbed with a neutralizing soap, this removes some of the plant tannin which continues to leach out naturally – it also has the effect of slightly bleaching the colour.

characteristic fine hairline cracks will develop and prolonged exposure to weather will eventually transform the timber to a silver grey colour.

1.karri – eucalyptus myrtacaea (diversicolour) – chairs only

grown and milled locally in knysna (south africa) it is regarded as an alien timber.
it is a hard dense, stringy timber, varying from light pinkish brown to dark brown in colour – hence its name.
it quite rapidly assumes an attractive silver grey colour in approx. 6 months. when initially exposed to moisture the timber will roughen – scouring pads are provided to render it smooth.
used on all models of chairs except the scandinavian.

 jarrah natural/weathered

karri natural – new/weathered

2.jarrah – eucalyptus marginata- chairs and all tables

imported from australia, a highly regarded hard wood, renown for its use in extreme conditions outside i.e. construction of jetties and boat frames – is extremely stable and naturally resistant to boring insects. the natural colour varies – dark reddish brown to light brown and pink- very dark red brown when oiled. generaly clear grained, it is occasionally marked with characteristic resin pockets.

it will slowly assume a silver grey colour similar to that of teak when left untreated.
and exposed to the elements – approx. 18 months.
the natural colour can be revived by removing the dead grey surface matter.
this characteristic is regarded as an indication of a superior timber – it has a longer lifespan than karri. used on outdoor timber table surfaces and the scandinavian chair.

 jarrah natural/weathered

jarrah natural – new/weathered

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maintenance: a timber soap scrub is supplied to neutralize the formation of bio-life.
seasonal maintenance is recommended to prolong the life.

PLEASE NOTE: although this timber is referred to as natural, it is not advisable to leave it untreated. please read our care instructions for natural timber


available on chair slats and table tops

two coats of natural linseed oil based timber preservative with uv stabilizers are applied.
this penetrates the substrate and leaves a thin protective waxy layer on the surface.
it is a natural plant oil based preservative and will break down with exposure to the elements.

maintenance: it enables seasonal maintenance to be done without the difficulty of removing the residue of old varnish or sealant type treatments.
oil is supplied to nourish the timber and seasonal application is recommended to maintain the colour and condition.

 jarrah natural/oiled

jarrah natural – new/oiled


available on chair slats

first primed with an oil rich primer and then hand-painted with two coats of oil based enamel.
paintbrush strokes are subtly evident.
the high oil content of the paint provides flexibility to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of timber exposed to outdoor conditions.
paint deterioration on the end grain is unpredictable and will require attention when it occurs.
paint will cloud with time as a result of exposure to the uv.
products are hand-painted with enamel paints that are easily obtained from hardware stores.


colours: pond green, yellow, building blue, french grey, swedish red. (black also available)

please see info&care for further information and care of hope products.