various combinations of finishes on metal frames and timber components are available as shown below.
products can be painted in a colour of customer’s choice – please enquire.

standard combinations

1. painted metal / painted timber

the traditional form – offers maximum protection.
paint touch-up in areas of wear and deterioration on frame and timber.

2. painted metal / natural timber

standard colours apply / representation shows the colour combined with new and old timber.
maintenance: paint touch up in areas of wear on the painted metal frame.
seasonal scrubbing of timber.

3. galvanised metal / natural timber

recommended combination for commercial use and areas in close proximity to the coast.
maintenance: galvanised metal frame will attract salt deposits which can be scoured off.
seasonal scrubbing of timber.

galvanised metal / natural timber

galvanised metal/ natural timber:new and weathered

4. rusted metal / natural timber

maintenance: annual re-application of wax and oiling of articulating joints on the frame.
seasonal scrubbing of timber.

rusted metal / natural timber

rusted metal / natural timber:new and weathered

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please see info&care for further information and care of hope products.